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Sir John Soane's Museum


Sir John Soane's Museum Touchscreen

Soane Museum Touchscreen

Sir John Soane's Museum, London

Opening Up The Soane Exhibition

Inca were part of the team behind ‘Opening Up the Soane’, an exhibition in the Foyle Space where visitors can explore Soane and his legacy.

“Opening up the Soane is our long-term project to restore and improve the Museum. Although Soane wanted his house and collection to be preserved exactly as they were after his death, over the years, curators have made significant alterations to some areas…changes that Soane would not have wanted changed. Opening up the Soane is all about restoring these spaces to their former glory.” 1

We created the graphics for an interactive touchscreen table that provides a visual timeline of the work carried out during the restoration. Visitors can browse through seven sections of information with text and images detailing, for example, the re-creation of Soane’s wallpaper using traditional methods and Soane’s personal indoor bathroom – a rarity at that time.

Sir John Soanes Museum

Sir John Soane's Museum

Soane Museum Exhibition Touchscreen

Exhibition Touchscreen Programme

Museum Touchscreen Programme

"Opening Up The Soane"

The touchscreen table adds a modern element to a historic space and provides visitors with the behind-the-scenes information in an engaging and thought-provoking format. It also allowed the curators to share in-depth information in a very compact and easily browsable unit.

On a practical level, the touchscreen can be reused again for future exhibitions with the installation of a new content programme.

1Source: Opening Up The Soane

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