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Profeet Sports Footwear Design Strategy

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Profeet are footwear and orthotics experts, specialising in biomechanical analysis, bespoke insoles and custom fitted sports footwear and ski boots.

Their highly technical service provides customers visiting their Fulham, London flagship store, with a one-on-one appointment with a qualified technician.

During this session, customers receive a full analysis using state-of-the-art technology to assess many areas including foot type, gait and movement using biomechanical analysis. This is so the right footwear can be selected for the customer, whatever their individual needs, from running and skiing to hiking and tennis, and even bespoke everyday shoe insoles.

Not your every day high street store
Profeet are very different to just your usual high street footwear retailer. Our challenge was to create a branding design that clearly conveyed their technical service, different products and the benefits – and then translate this across multiple channels.

What we did
We developed a visually led campaign which clearly communicated the Profeet 3 step process of 1. Analysis 2. Insoles and 3. Footwear.

External window signage focussed on large imagery to grab passing attention and highlight the ‘Profeet Fit Process’. With diagrams to highlight the different areas of customisation.

In-store display signage identified product types, whilst still also reinforcing the 3-step process.

This brand story was further integrated across all aspects of the business including:

  • brochures
  • stationery and receipts
  • leaflets and vouchers
  • packaging and bags
  • and most importantly, the Profeet website.

The website
Profeet’s website experiences high visitor traffic and plays a key part in driving business to the Labs. It is perfectly placed to explain some of the intricacies of their service and shows the benefits via animations, illustrations and videos. Dwell time is high as is repeat business and customer loyalty. Just check out this Google reviews.

Retail interior

Information panels

Point of Sale & Display


Branding and POS

profeet brochure and leaflet design

Brochures and leaflets

A branding design that made a complex concept easy to understand, and communicated the unique Profeet process and benefits, clearly and across multiple channels.

Stop press!
We are currently working on a brand new website for Profeet which will be launched in September of 2019.

What our client said

We have found an ideal partner in Inca Creative. Not only have they created and built great websites for us over the years, but as an experienced agency they are able to manage all of our design requirements: brochures, point of sale, exhibition display, posters, identity, packaging and more.

Inca totally understands our business and provides useful insights and feedback, contributing to growth strategy. It makes sense for Profeet from a point of view of management, cohesiveness and efficiency to have these services available under one umbrella. We don’t need to go anywhere else.

Toren Hirshfield, Operations Manager, Profeet

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