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At last – a new website for Inca

Well it’s been a while coming, but at last, here it is!

We’ve taken a step back and had a good think about what it is to be Inca – and taken a stride forward with a fresh resolve, a new portfolio, a good sense of direction and a readiness to take on the World through design.

The last few years have brought us some great opportunities; from 18 months working with the Department of Antiquities and Museums in the UAE, to an ongoing series of Challenge events with sports leader Fitbit.

We’ve taken planes, trains and automobiles up and down the country and beyond, to be involved in some inspiring and very motivating projects. Take for instance the Mary Rose Museum down in Portsmouth:

We were fortunate to be appointed to create the digital components of their new exhibition, The Many Faces of Tudor England. This project took us on a journey through the DNA, isotopes and genealogy of Tudor England to make some unexpected discoveries in the ethnic diversity of that period.

We’ve delivered a suite of 7 websites for The Slatter Group, S&C Slatter and their subdivisions.

We’ve manhandled a 75lb solid brass porthole from HMS Bulwark into a carefully cut hole in some graphic wallpaper to make a ‘touchable’ feature wall with real artefacts, at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

We’ve produced a plethora of logos, brochures, leaflets, folders, posters, interpretation panels, exhibition stands and a hard-backed book or two for a whole array of interesting clients… and designed and delivered over 28 new websites.

And we’ve gotten locked in a car park in Winchester whilst delivering a new character animation touchscreen to the Winchester City Museum – but that’s a whole other story!

All in all, it’s been a great experience and now we’re looking forward to the road ahead with our new website and updated brand.

And we can’t wait!

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