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A Digital Document Repository for the Govt. Ras Al Khaimah

We recently completed a document repository for the Department of Antiquities & Museums of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

The repository contains a series of documents ranging in size from a few pages, such as meeting minutes, to large 300Mb+ illustrated reports.

User friendly access to Gigabytes of information
The aim was to provide user-friendly access to detailed project data, for specific people. The data is organised into logical categories to create an intuitive user experience. The information is also arranged in chronological order and includes a master timeline to helps members who are unfamiliar with the content, to quickly understand the extent of the project and the documents available.

The site is attractively designed and illustrated with interesting images to make it visually engaging and interesting to work with, and this also assists the search and find process. Documents are cross-referenced and interlinked to allow rapid movement between related material.

Content includes:

  • Word documents
  • PDF documents
  • PowerPoint/Keynote presentations
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Images – jpg, gif, png etc…
  • Video files

User access level management
Each document and web page can be allocated a user access level making it possible to manage who can see what information. This can be important if more junior staff members are reviewing and using the content, where certain information is for management levels only.


  • Individual password access for members – viewers can access content from any location or device (mobile responsive).
  • Control over user access level – not all content is for all eyes, with this digital resource it is possible to decide who can see what.
  • Access can easily be revoked, suspended or reinstated at any point – for example, if an employee leaves the department/business.
  • SSL Security Encryption – although there is no financial information included on this particular site, the documents are not for general consumption and encryption ensures that the material remains private.
  • Multi-featured security software – it’s wise to take a belt and braces approach to data privacy so we have installed a sophisticated tool that blocks unwanted visitors, brute force attacks and identifies and isolates other potential hacking risks

Data storage management
Given the size volume of documents, it isn’t feasible to store all the data online within the website itself, instead, the system makes use of multiple resources some of which are open others are restricted-access only, for confidentiality purposes.

Examples are:

  • Links to secure cloud-based storage systems (restricted access)
  • Links to the internet such as Vimeo/You Tube and items in the public domain (public access)
  • Internal links and references stored within the website server (restricted access)

The result is an organised, categorised and access-controlled project resource
A digital document repository is an ideal way to summarise and store project data. It makes quantities of data and content easily accessible for nominated members. It can be made available to anyone, anywhere in the World in an instant – and revoked just as quickly. It includes an inherent search/find facility and ultimately represents robust document management for forward-thinking teams.

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