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Time for a Website Makeover?

Keeping your website up-to-date, doesn’t necessarily mean a complete rebuild.

It is important to keep your website current, relevant and regularly refreshed. This can be done in a number of ways-
either on an ongoing basis:

  • news updates
  • events and activities updates
  • case studies
  • portfolios

or on a periodic basis:

  • new slideshow banners
  • review of site structure
  • review of business services
  • review of mission, vision and values
  • brand review
  • change of colour palette

Good ideas that won’t blow your budget
A website makeover is the cost-effective way to update and refine your business offering, sense-check your visitor journeys and calls to action, refresh customer interest and improve search engine optimisation.


Case study:


We recently completed a refresh of the Surrey Gynaecology website. The underlying site framework was still applicable, so a completely new site was not required. Our client wanted to change the brand colours of his site to give it a ‘new coat of paint’ so to speak. The content was then re-worked to adjust the clinic focus to address new services which were also highlighted on the home page to bring them to the immediate attention of visitors.
It provided an opportunity to re-align the clinic’s aims, update search engine features to assist with Google ranking, and also to tidy up any loose ends, remove expired or outdated information and ensure that the site was an accurate representation of Surrey Gynaecology’s visions and values.


To find out more about a website makeover…

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