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Designing a better 2022

It’s been a year of variable success for businesses in 2021. We’ve witnessed some clever manoeuvres and some inevitable struggles as we have moved in and out of lockdown. But one thing that stands out above everything is the sheer will to carry on, pick up and drive forward, and that’s what we’re all about too.

Intelligent and versatile design

We’ve seen plenty of digital reinvention over the last 2 years with offline businesses finding ways to work better online. The development of eCommerce, information gathering and sharing methods have allowed many to find new ways to work. We’ve seen an upswing in digital marketing and the use of social media to promote, explain and highlight services in refreshing and interesting ways.

Quick to market eCommerce solutions
Shopify is now one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the planet and has allowed businesses to move into digital retail very rapidly. It’s intuitive to use and full of useful add-ons that can be tailored to enhance your service in lots of different ways whether its connecting to your MailChimp marketing, price-watching your competitors and automatically adjusting prices, or synchronising with Google Market Place to really boost sales opportunities

Online booking and consultation
There’s a plethora of excellent cloud-based software out there that can automate your bookings and consultations. Whether you’re a clinic, practitioner, or holiday and event booking, or wish to run your service on an appointment basis to better manage visitor flow, it’s a great addition to your business processes – especially now COVID demands that crowded situations are controlled.

Social media with gusto
We devise campaigns that promote your business and services at a macro level. Forward planning and keyword analysis coupled with creative writing and high-quality eye-catching graphics and short animations ensure that your messages are deployed professionally and consistently. This builds search engine collateral, extols the wider values of your business and reaches the more niche areas of your audience too.

We can give your business a lift
Working with businesses in such a range of sectors gives us insights into approaches, techniques and innovations that can be translated across other sectors. We’re always thinking creatively, and we’re immersed in the digital landscape on a day-to-day basis which, keeps us firmly in touch with the latest tech and thinking.

Print still matters
At the same time, we’re still producing exciting print including elegant promotional materials, or more unique pieces such as high-end hard-backed brochures that really make a statement, or beautiful fabric hanging banners to enliven your walls and communicate with visual impact.

We’re here to support you and help shape your future business aspirations with smart design ideas and creative solutions.

It just remains for us to wish you…

A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


We look forward to working with you in 2022
Best wishes from the Inca Team


Designing a better 2022

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