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Blame Gloria? We would

We have been having a lot of fun working on a series of themed websites for the Adventure Bar Company

Lockdown breakout
There’s no getting away from the impact of this year’s lockdown. It will go down in history as one of life’s more surreal experiences, the outcome of which is yet to be seen. Not to be deterred, the London based Adventure Bar chain has come back from the lockdown firing on all cylinders, guns blazing.

Whilst we’ve worked with the Adventure Bar team in the past, more recently we’ve taken over the management of their array of colourful and eccentric websites. This involvement has lead to a refresh and rebuild of their portfolio ready for a new generation of party goers.

Meet Gloria
Today we are pleased to launch the shiny new edition of Blame Flamboyant, decadent and not for the faint-hearted, this website packs a visual punch. Working from their original brand guidelines, assisted on the design side by Mel Yee, and working in tandem with trusted development partner Kloc Digital Services, Inca have reworked the website with authenticity to deliver a faster, slicker, smarter experience including new hosting and ongoing maintenance support.

Fabulous new events and activities
The team have devised a series of events intended to comply with social distancing whilst making the most of opening hours. Drag Bingo, Happy Hour Martinis, Cocktail Making and Brunch with entertainment and prosecco thrown in, who knew? There’s a whole world of delight awaiting their customers.

To go with this, they are investing in new marketing tools and an intelligent new CRM designed to leverage data and keep the clientele coming back for more.

WordPress Multisite
The ideal platform for their website development was a WordPress Multisite. We created a bespoke template with built-in tools and functions to permit the creation of very different looking websites to complement their distinctively themed bars, yet with similar behaviours and functionality behind the scenes to allow easy management and content creation.

Watch this space
It’s an ongoing process with site number 2 sitting in the Incabator waiting to hatch shortly. We’ll keep posting on social media as we go so you can be entertained by their antics and discover more of their locations. You never know, you might meet Gloria one day – your life will never be the same! We recommend the Porn Star Martini.


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