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GE Healthcare Brochure Design

Healthcare Brochure Design

We originally started working with GE Healthcare to create a high-tech presentation tool for their team. This was a great success, and we were thrilled to be invited to work together on some of their other major assets.

Our challenge
GE Healthcare have a hospital and clinic modelling system. The software – WrRapt (Workforce Repository and Planning Tool) can hold and model workforce data from all types of health & social care providers across the country, enabling for the first time an ability to see, compare, analyse and understand the entire workforce that serves their patients.This highly sophisticated product needed support collateral, and this is where we came in.

What we did
Our role was to design a series of brochures to illustrate the WrRapt modelling software. We used smart, spacious design with infographics and selected photography to explain the product, add colour and interest, and bring the benefits to life.

Wrapt Brochure Design

Wrapt Brochure Design


Clinic Brochure Design

Illustrative Imagery

Our designs helped make the overall communication of a complex system educational and informative as well as highly engaging.


What our client said

I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed working with you – we are so pleased with the designs you’ve created for us.

L Reynolds

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