Terms & Conditions

General terms & conditions as of 1st January 2021


Fees do not include VAT.

  1. Fees are due and payable in Pounds Sterling.
  2. Fees do not include expenses. Expenses cover but are not limited to studio materials, telephone, postage and travel costs.
  3. Fees do not include: print costs, commissioned or stock photography, illustration or copywriting which are quoted separately.
  4. With the exception of the initial consultation, all meeting time will be charged for unless agreed as part of your or retainer or contract of works.
  5. Invoices will be sent monthly relating to the work produced or purchased during the month.
  6. Invoices are to be settled strictly within the agreed terms. Failure will result in interest added at the statutory rate.
  7. Confidentiality: as professional designers, we undertake not to misuse any confidential information that may be made available to us.
  8. Copyright: the copyright of all designs, copywriting and other assets will remain the property of Inca Creative Enterprises Ltd until payment of the fees due under the agreed contract or scope of work.
  9. All artwork intellectual property including originating artwork remains with Inca Creative.
  10. Responsibility: We will take all reasonable care to check designs, specifications, production proofs and/or samples, but the final responsibility rests with the client to approve each stage of the project development. Final sign off by the client represents their acceptance of all design work, text, spelling, grammar, and all other design components.
  11. Termination: if after acceptance, a client does not proceed, all fees and expenses incurred to that point become immediately payable.
  12. Changes and Updates: Inca Creative Enterprises Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately. This page is linked to every email sent from Inca Creative – please visit this link regularly to acquaint yourself with any updates.

Website-specific conditions

Browser Support for new web builds:
Unless explicitly stated in the quote we will test web-based solutions on the following most current devices and browser versions:

  • PC: Internet Explorer & Chrome
  • Mac: Safari

Mobile-responsive sites will be tested in portrait and landscape at specific breakpoints (not transitions between them) on:

  • iPad, iPhone using Safari only
  • 1x Android phone and 1 x Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S) using Chrome only

Monitors with a display of up to 1920 x 1080 will be supported.
Other platforms such as Firefox and Android can be quoted for upon request.

Website life span
The internet environment changes rapidly and continuously. As a result, it is impossible to fully future-proof new website developments. At the current rate of change, we expect a website life-span to realistically be on average 4 years.


This will vary depending on:

  • The style of design specified, for example:
    • ‘Trendy, quirky or ‘flashy’ web design can date quickly
    • Classic and simple design can have a longer shelf-life
  • The rate of change in your particular industry, for example:
    • Technologies typically change faster than industrial products/services and may need to be updated more frequently to remain competitive and appropriate to the marketplace.
  • The software used for your site, for example:
    • E-commerce software – Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, Volusion etc…
    • Content management systems – WordPress, Umbraco, Dot Net Nuke, Drupal etc…
    • Modules and plug-ins associated with the above

We endeavour to ensure that the lifespan of a website is as long as possible in consideration of cost-effectiveness and value for money.

Website maintenance

A website is a live environment and should be updated on a regular basis to reflect your business activities and services. You should, therefore, expect to invest in your website on an ongoing basis.

Please note that once final approval and payment are received, any further changes or updates become billable on an hourly basis.

We recommend that an annual maintenance budget is allocated for your website. As a rule of thumb, we suggest 10% of the original build price per year to maintain your site. Hence if your site cost £20,000 to build then you might expect to invest on average a further £2,000 per year.*

This will go towards covering:

  • Software licence updates necessary to ensure browser compatibility, bug fixes and security patches
  • Module and plug-in updates
  • Merchant service provider interface updates
    e.g. SagePay, Paypal, etc… and version updates for security and development purposes).
  • Changes to Google Analytics and other Google products used to track and monitor your website
  • Changes to social media services set up and integration
  • Optional design updates to keep your site looking fresh and contemporary

*This is a guide price based on our experience working in this area and is not intended as an absolute and final figure which may vary according to your individual needs.

This rule does not necessarily apply to websites whose I.T. are managed internally that do not require this kind of support.

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