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Social media trends you should know about

There has been a major shift of media consumption to mobile phones and younger generations are not the only ones driving these trends.

According to a Deloitte survey the mobile consumption behaviours of Generation X (ages 35–51) now closely mirror those of Generation Z (ages 14–20) and millennials (ages 21–34). Now it is more important than ever to engage with social media to grow your customer base and keep them engaged with your brand. Here are a few of the latest innovations that are worth consideration.

Social video
Instagram launched IGTV in June 2018. A long-form video section within Instagram and standalone App. Video is becoming an important tool for brands to increase engagement.

The appeal of live-streaming videos is the feeling of being behind the scenes, and part of the action. Real-time comments and likes make this even more exciting and, of course, businesses are starting to capitalise on this.

Instagram’s shoppable photo tags
Instagram has launched a new feature where you can tag products in your photos in the same way you can tag people.

Is Pinterest the dark horse?
Pinterest is not the obvious social media platform for sales conversion but they are busy coming out with innovations to make it more appealing to business. An example of this is Pinterest Lens, a discovery tool that recommends ideas to try based on whatever your camera points at. We are interested to see how Pinterest evolves in the next few years

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