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Ready for launch

This week saw the launch of a new website for Slatter Roboto Maintenance – a clever device designed to autonomously groom, brush and decontaminate artificial sports pitches, while you have a cup of tea…

… or more appropriately for green keepers and groundsmen, whilst you get on with more challenging tasks!

Technology taking over
The AUTOGROOM, as it is aptly named, is built specifically for the task of synthetic pitch maintenance, an essential but time-consuming task that ensures that expensive sports pitches are kept in tip top condition. At a sturdy 140kg and measuring in at 93cm x 140cm it’s chunky piece of kit. Durability is its middle name, and the weight ensures that no one can lift and run away with it. Which is just as well, because it’s not cheap and does, in fact, come as part of maintenance contract with Slatter Sports Maintain.

product launch website
slatter robot maintenannce

New to market
As a new piece of tech, this device came into our field of vision with only some facts and technical details and other non-branded image. So the Inca Creative team set about being creative, researching content and developing assets to allow this site and its hero product to come to life. We crafted slick visuals, icons and diagrams, and honed a brand story and colour palette to give the robot a strong and recognisable identity.

Delivery to the world stage
The result is a fully formed website that extols the benefits and gains of introducing this smart tech into your sports hub, school, club or leisure facility. The site is clean, fresh, informative, easy to navigate with clear calls to action to complete directing the visitor to request a quote.

Supplementary social media
In addition we have also branded and setup a battery of social media channels including Linked In and Instagram – identified as the right audience for this B2B service. Branding is consistently applied across all touchpoints giving the AUTOGROOM a springboard into the marketplace.

Ready to launch
Once all assets were in place we were all set and ready to go live. The website was launched, and social media used to spread the word to Slatter’s existing client base and also focused on attracting new clients. The site is fully search engine optimised and social media linked and tagged. Orders are now rolling in and the product is successfully finding its way in the world of artificial turf pitches.

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