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Office branding promotes a strong identity at KLOC HQ

Based within easy reach of London and the South East, KLOC’s HQ combines a fresh state-of-the-art office in a more relaxed and rural setting.

A great place to showcase
With visitors frequenting the office for introductions, project meetings, updates and presentations, KLOC invested in smart glass-fronted meeting and board rooms. The light airy rooms merited some colour and texture to add interest and bring the space together.

A great place to work
Whilst “far from the madding crowd”, the office still needed to have a modern feel to appeal to the sharp, young, programming team that provides the power behind KLOC’s digital development enterprise.

Using the brand to enliven the space
Inca used layers of gloss and matt vinyl decals of KLOC’s corporate identity, and it’s distinctive ‘K’ icon to create an abstract effect, making a bold feature of the logo in its contemporary bright teal hue on the main rear wall.

A solid colour wall provides a vibrant backdrop to the company values, “passionate – meticulous – inspired”, an uplifting daily reminder to all who work there of the spirit of KLOC. White gloss icons were enlarged and applied to matt walls to deliver a contrast, creating a subtle application of the identity in a format that is both decorative and reinforces the brand.

Some further elements were added such as a frosted glass icon on the front door so that the brand is present on the approach to the office, albeit in an understated way.

office interior design

office signage design

Promoting company culture
The result transforms a modern white office interior into a place with character and heart. Statistics show that it is valuable to project your brand and understanding of the brand values, not only externally to your existing and potential clients, but also internally to your colleagues and team.

Overall it helps to develop a positive company culture and makes coming to KLOC a brighter experience.


It’s a win/win all round.

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