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An Inspiring New Website for The Norup Clinic

In a highly competitive field, aesthetics expert Dr Mette Norup wanted to stand out from the crowd. The first task was to identify a USP that would provide definition and set her apart from her competitors.

Inca were tasked to develop a comprehensive new website for The Norup Clinic. We provided an end-to end-service responsible for creative direction, design, copywriting and illustration.
Dr Mette Norup, originally started out as a specialist dentist.  She gained extensive surgical experience, providing her with a deep understanding of facial anatomy and musculature. Dr Norup’s sole focus now is in medical cosmetics, operating from two prestigious clinics in Esher and Chelsea. She is known as a ‘fine artist’ for her facial work and aesthetics.
A key point of difference for Dr Norup is that her treatments, using the latest state-of-the art products and technology, are tailor-made for the individual client. She uses a holistic approach with a combination of treatments and techniques, to deliver remarkable results.
Informative, not baffling
Our aim was to develop an informative and inspiring website, with a results gallery and blog to engage existing and new clients. A long list of treatments and aesthetics ‘technology’ can leave many clients feeling baffled and unclear of where to start. So, the website focussed more on the areas that clients may want treatment and by using knowledge, technique and experience to demonstrate the desired outcomes.
We developed 3 key areas to the website, where clients could browse and really understand the different options available.
1. Creative Treatments
This area of the website allows the clients to find out more about Dr Norup’s bespoke service and unique approach. Instead of offering one specific treatment, a combination of multiple treatments and techniques are combined to achieve the best results for the individual.
The page design enables the user to easily navigate through the different treatments. It includes a photographic results gallery using real clients, so customers can see the amazing results for themselves, supported with testimonials.
2. Skin Healthy
The Norup Clinic is passionate about helping clients to look their best by creating and maintaining healthy skin. Healthy skin is achieved by a combination of looking after your wellbeing, diet, exercise and skincare. So, part of their service is providing advanced skincare products for use at home to repair, stimulate and rejuvenate skin.
To help clients to identify which skincare treatments would be suited to their needs ‘The Skincare Pyramid’ provides a clear visual aid to highlight age vs needs, in an easily digestible format.
3. Facial Sculpting
Dr Norup is a master of facial sculpting, to refine and define the face, using dermal fillers and ‘thread lifts’ to restore structure to the face, which can also smooth out asymmetry and lift drooping features. Close-up facial images were used so clients could quickly and clearly identify the specific areas that the treatment could benefit.
You can find the end result here It’s already making big gains for The Norup Clinic!
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