And the Pantone colour of the year is....

...Radiant Orchid!

Pantone selects a color at the end of every year to reflect what they believe will become a major design trend, across all design platforms, in the coming year. The colour for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a pink colour with blue undertones, so lets see if it makes it's way into our designs, wardrobes and homes this year.



Here at Inca we like to keep up to date with emerging colour trends to keep our designs looking fresh and contemporary. In the last few years we have been noticing a move away from neutrals to more minimalist looking design with high contrast and bright colours. Pinks are popular in design but can look quite feminine, However a bright fushia pink seems to work well without looking too girly. Here are a few examples of pink being used in contemporary design:

Poster by designer Albert Exergian
Framework poster: by Moxy Creative
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