Using QR (Quick Response) Codes to drive business

How this new brand of bar code can connect you to your audience

With a growing number of people now using smartphones and mobile device, the prevalence of the QR code which has proven hugely popular and successful in Japan and the East is set to make a big impact in Europe and the UK.


What is a QR code

A QR code is a form of bar code that can be read by smartphones, ipads and other scanning devices.


How does it work

  • The client or member of the public, use their mobile device to scan the codes appearing on
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • posters
  • packaging
  • point of sale
  • websites
  • tickets
  • and many other places.


The code links to a specific web page which could feature

  • a relevant message
  • a special offer or voucher
  • further levels of information
  • an invitation to participate in a questionnaire
  • a sign up form
  • a YouTube video


The possibilities are endless and can be used for trackable marketing initiatives using Google Analytics. By creating a specific landing page for each campaign/code the number of visitors can be evaluated to gauge the response/success of the campaign.

Further uses

QR code
  • Besides accessing a QR can also be used to link to:
  • A phone number - prompting phone contact
  • Plain text content
  • An SMS text message
  • V-card data which can then be saved to the contact folder of the user (i.e. a digital business card)

Case Study

Chirk Castle

Inca Creative successfully married the historic and the contemporary for The National Trust's latest exhibition, The Howard de Waldens at Chirk Castle.


At each exhibit QR codes were positioned to allow visitors to interact with the displays in new and exciting way; simply scan with your mobile phone and link direct to a web page.


A QR code reader can be downloaded free of charge and many devices are sold with this kind of app pre-installed.

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