Make your Corporate Videos Fly!

This innovative device enables us to take your video content to a whole new level...

The Inca staff recently became very excited by the appearance in the office of a flying video camera operated from a hand held remote control. The DJI international Phantom brings inexpensive but highly versatile video capture to the main stream. The integrated flight control system includes GPS locator for accuracy and provides a steady and stable filming experience.




On test, cameraman Jason Kosbab put the Phantom through it's paces to illustrate how this brilliant device can be used to fly up over locations and people to create a whole different perspective.



The scope for where this kind of device can be used is endless:

  • golf courses
  • theme parks
  • outdoor events
  • heritage sites
  • corporate locations
  • or simply to bring a new perspective to your video content


If you would like to find out how we give your video a lift call 020 8398 4663 or complete the contact form for a no-obligation consultation/quotation.

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