No pain no gain? Not with Profeet

The ski season is well and truly underway which means lots of fun, as well as quite a few aching and sore feet!

Alongside that we have many keen or amateur runners gearing up for half or full marathons, with training in progress and possibly injuries already sustained. Queue Profeet! Who have a great offering and service which can really help with the above, and much more.


You’ll find Profeet on the Fulham Road. They aren’t your usual footwear retailer, but instead orthotics experts specialising in custom fitted sports footwear and insoles.


Their highly technical and professional service provides customers with a pre-booked, one-on-one appointment with a qualified technician.


During this session customers receive a full analysis using state of the art technology, including Biomechanical analysis and a 3D motion lab, to assess many areas including foot type, gait and movement. This is so the right footwear can be selected and customised for the customer, whatever their individual needs from running, skiing to tennis or everyday shoe insoles.


Making the complex simple

From a communication perspective our challenge was to provide creative designs that clearly conveyed their technical service, the different products and show the benefits.


We developed a visually led campaign which clearly communicated the unique Profeet 3 Step Process of 1. Analysis 2. Insoles and 3. Footwear.


From pavement to in store

At the street level external window signage focussed on large imagery to grab passing attention and highlight the ‘Profeet Fit Process’. With footwear diagrams to highlight the different areas of customisation.


In store display signage identified product types, whilst again reinforcing the 3-step process. And this branding was integrated across brochures and the Profeet website.


The result was designs that clearly communicated the process and benefits across multiple channels.

Profeet new online store

This is our latest project which we’ll be sharing soon! Watch this space.

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