Introducing our new service, 'Grow Your Clinic'!

In response to growing demand, we have created Grow Your Clinic, a new service focused on helping doctors and clinic owners connect more effectively with existing and potential customer.

At Inca we have been working with doctors, healthcare businesses and clinics for over 15 years. During this time we have created new brands, websites, stationery, advertising, social media content and much more to help people in this sector successfully grow their businesses.

 Grow Your Clinic

We realised that we could do more, so we created this service specifically to focus on the benefits of well-thought-out design, high quality content and promotional campaigns, for the private healthcare sector.


Cohesive, consistent presentation

Firstly it is important to ensure that the way you present your clinic aligns with your visions and values. A strong logo and identity are vital for basic recognition and should be used across all of your materials from the fascia of your premises to your receipt paper, to your website, to your social media and advertising.
How distinctive and memorable is your brand?

Clarity of vision

Next in importance is your positioning statement. It should quickly be clear from your website and any leaflets or promotional literature exactly who you are and what you do - and what makes you different!

Quality content

So now we know who you are and fundamentally what you do, the rest of the information conveyed in your website and other customer facing material needs to inform, educate, arouse interest, excite (or reassure), and drive the end user to want to make contact. In fact, over the years, we have learned that:


Powerful and engaging content is crucial to the growth of your business


Good content includes images, diagrams, creative copywriting, headlines, tables, data, statistics and more, and should be written with the end user in mind, be that a brochure, or mobile and desktop web visitors.


It should appeal both to the scan reader and the information seeker. It should speak to your customers in a language they understand and convey the ethos of your business. Done well, it will simply compel people to get in touch.


Trying to tick all these boxes a busy clinic owner or practice manager is easier said than done!


We drive the process

Here at Grow Your Clinic our team of writers and designers have backgrounds in health journalism, medical website design and business development. We have worked with businesses across the healthcare industry, from podiatry, gynaecology and aesthetic clinics to healthcare service providers.


We understand the nuances of your industry and create compelling content people read, share and respond to.


Our branding, design, content creation services include:

Grow Your Clinic covers all the bases!

We save you time and energy. Find out how we can help you connect more effectively with your customers.

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