A Guide to PDFs – Your Business’s Secret Weapon!

At a time when information is constantly streaming before us from every angle, it can be difficult to communicate quickly and effectively and make a lasting impact. Enter the humble pdf...

It’s no secret web audiences want information instantly, so it’s important to ensure the pages on your website communicate clearly and are easy to read and digest. This includes using headlines and sub headlines, bullet points instead of long-winded sentences and generally cutting the waffle!


Easier said than done… especially if you offer complex products or services that can’t be summarised in a sentence or two!


Of course it makes sense to create a second web page that explains your services in detail, but bearing in mind we live in an age of skimming and most people won’t stay on that web page for more than a minute, what’s the solution?


A PDF that’s what!

PDFs are downloadable documents that can be read on-screen or printed out, they are truly 'cross-platform' and accessible/readable on most smart devices. Typical examples include FAQs, Forms, Brochures, Leaflets and E-books.


So what are the key benefits of putting PDFs on your website?

  • They give your audience the chance to read about your products and services in detail at their convenience, so they are more likely to absorb the information and ultimately purchase

  • In order to open a PDF your audience has to download it, this gives your business a stakehold on their device

  • They help to build brand awareness

  • They give your brand a professional and authoritative feel

  • They create a sense of added value

  • Unlike a Word Document PDFs are fixed format that can’t be edited and look good on all devices
  • Last but not least PDFs can boost your website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - providing they are written, designed and optimised correctly.

pdf document creation

How to create the perfect PDF

  • First and foremost your PDF should contain meta-data such as keywords, descriptions and alt tags that search engines will recognise and index.

  • It should contain outbound links which improve your website’s rankings and inbound links which direct readers to related topics on your website.

  • It should be no bigger than 1MB - otherwise it will take so long to download your readers may hit the back button.

  • It should feature plenty of headings, sub headings, informative keyword-rich copy and clear call to actions.

  • If the PDF is several pages long, such as a brochure or fact sheet, it should contain a clickable table of contents and forward and back buttons for easy navigation.

  • It should be fully branded with your company logo and contact details.

  • It should be presented in a clear legible font.

  • It should contain good quality, low-resolution, fully optimised images.

Here at Inca we are experts in creating professionally-branded PDFs that tick all the boxes in terms of design, readability and SEO.


To find out more about our PDF services call 020 8398 4663 or email

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