The key to creating a succesful Powerpoint Presentation

According to Powerpoint is the most widely used business presentation software in the world. There are estimated to be 300 million Powerpoint users and 30 million presentations each day.

But if the mere thought of sitting through yet another boring PowerPoint presentation makes your eyelids grow heavy, wake up! It doesn’t have to be that way.


A clear and meaningful message conveyed passionately with high quality fonts and visuals is all it takes to turn a PowerPoint from something dull into something delightful that drives engagement and sales.


Here are our tips on how ramp-up your presentation and make it more professional and captivating:

  • Be enthusiastic and genuine about your subject. If you’re not, even the most stunning slides won’t help you.

  • A good presentation like a good piece of writing draws your audience in from the start. Think about the structure of your presentation in terms of problem – pathway – solution.  Open up with something surprising or intriguing that that makes your audience sit up and take notice and build-up to a solution they can apply.

  • Focus on one point per slide. Slides shouldn't be used as a script or a data dump. Instead, they're a visual communication tool to support your message.

  • Use images to balance out text-heavy content. Image quality is supremely important. Professional photo library images look infinitely better than cheesy clipart pictures that people have seen a thousand times before. Choose powerful graphics that tell a story. Infographics done well can communicate complex data in an engaging visual format that is easy to assimilate at a glance. Indeed a powerful infographic is highly cost-effective marketing tool that can be used across all your channels to promote your brand.

professional powerpoint presentations

  • Good typography is key to a stand-out presentation. Stick to one or two classic fonts like Arial, Helvetica or Garamond that are easy to read.

  • If possible always use dark text on the light background – it’s easier to read and absorb. If you have to use light text on a dark background make sure the text is big enough to read from a distance. When it comes to a colour palette choose shades that complement each other rather than clash.

  • Practise makes perfect. Think about your presentation manner including how you express yourself, what you wear, how you move around the room. Record yourself on video or ask a friend or a colleague for feedback. Remember you are the focus no matter how interesting your slides are so it’s worth honing your presentation skills beforehand.

  • Always check the room layout and the equipment to make sure it’s working!

  • Don’t hand out print outs of your slides - they won’t work without you there. Instead create a separate summary hand out that follows the path of your speech and your key points give it out at the end.

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