How to write an e-newsletter people will read

Despite the rise of social media, connecting with your customers through a regular e-newsletter is the best way to increase engagement and sales.

In 2011, the Direct Marketing Association estimated that email marketing typically returns £40 for every £1 invested – that’s better than any other platform.

So how do you create an e-newsletter that drives traffic to your website and increases sales and referrals?

First-rate story-telling, that’s how!

It’s compelling content rather than the hard sell that builds trust and motivates customers to purchase from you. Your content should intrigue, connect, educate and inspire recipients and be presented in a language and tone they can relate to.

Whether it's interesting, topical information, top tips and advice for dealing with a problem, or exclusive offers, your e-newsletter should contain information the recipient will want and value.

Here at Inca we create interesting and impactful e-newsletters that promote sales and growth. Indeed most of our e-newsletters have open and click-through rates well above the industry standard.

Our bag of tricks

We’re planners - we take the products and services you want to promote and wrap them into compelling stories that inspire people to purchase.

We’re dab hands at design - we create beautiful, responsive templates that show-off your brand to maximum effect – whether on a phone, tablet or PC. Our clear call to action buttons make the purchase journey seamless. We can also create bespoke graphics to really give your brand the edge!

We share the love - we make sure all that great content is disseminated to your blog, website and social media channels reaching to new customers and drawing them back to your website - and of course your newsletter sign-up box!

We’re serious about stats - by measuring the open and click-through rates, cross-checking with sales and reporting back to you. These insights enable us to continually refine the content to promote future sales and growth.

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