The Surrey Park Clinic’s website goes mobile

In recent years responsive websites that work well on mobile devices – from smart phones to tablets - have been gaining in popularity.

No surprise, when you consider smart phones have overtaken laptops as the UK internet users’ number one search device (Offcom 2015).

Although not responsive, The Surrey Park Clinic’s existing website enjoyed high visitor traffic and engagement but was missing out on a key and growing audience of mobile users.

A customer survey revealed patients liked the look and navigation of the existing site, therefore it was decided these features should be retained.

Inca’s brief was to create a fresh, new, fully responsive site that offered an improved experience for the mobile user.

As part of the project we also:

  • Improved the site content and flow of information
  • Added callouts for areas of the business the client specifically wanted to target
  • Added clearer call to actions across the site
  • Created a new patient charter setting a gold standard for the clinic to follow and providing customers with reassurances.
  • Added a newsletter sign-up to provide informative bulletins on new treatments and developments around women’s health

The net result was a smooth transition from the old site to the new, with no loss of visitor traffic and the scope to increase visitors through mobile search.



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Five reasons to go mobile?

Ensuring your customers receive a good standard of service while improving your SEO are vital if your business is to succeed in today’s world. Here are 5 reasons why your website should be responsive:

  1. It improves user experience and helps retain visitors. If a website is difficult to navigate from a phone or tablet, the user can’t find what they are looking for or the site doesn’t upload, they will take their business elsewhere

  2. Your site will load faster. Responsive websites tend to load faster helping you retain time-pressed visitors.

  3. It will boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Responsive websites are designed to enable search engines (including Google) to crawl through them more effectively.

  4. It’s easy to manage. Content for all devices is served from the same domain reducing the costs of maintaining a desktop and separate mobile site.

  5. It’s cost-effective. Many businesses worry about the costs involved in implementing a responsive website but this type of website more than pays for itself through increased visits, more customers and increased customer retention.

If you would like a free reveiw of your website and how effective it is for mobile browsers, call 020 8398 4663, we look forward to hearing from you.


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