A website is a living document

A website is often the first point of contact or reference for many potential clients and customers. It is therefore vital that your website makes a good first impression, afterall, your competitors are only a click away.

Keep your website up-to-date, relevant and 'alive'

Keeping your website fresh and up-to-the-minute is a key factor in attracting new customers – and keeping existing ones. For starters, search engines like change and regard those with more frequently updated content, to be the most interesting and relevant to visitors.

A news blog is a great opportunity to keep your site current, it also gives you a 'voice' in the industry, but beware, if you have a blog, keep it up-to-date, otherwise it can create the impression your business is inactive.

Invest in content for your website by writing up new products and services or adding new/blog articles. Keep it simple: a couple of succint paragraphs, some bullet points and a conclusion and, if possible, an interesting image will do the trick. Make sure the content is applicable to your business and provides useful or helpful information.


Leverage this content and make it work harder for you by using the headlines to create a quarterly or monthy e-newsletter and link it back to your website and social media. A little repetition is beneficial, nobody reads everything so presenting the story in several formats can actually reinforce your messages.

Invite customers to write testimonials and reviews, thus generating positive content for you (obvsiously don't post any negative comments, instead, respond to the author and use it as a means to learn and improve your business).


Review and update your website content and services regularly

Keep in touch with your website and visit all key pages regularly, at least once a month or quarterly. Are they still relevant? Are they still working hard for you? Ensure information is current and accurate, such as product prices and descriptions of your products and services or pdf downloads.


Remove discontinued products and services

Be sure to remove producs and services no longer on offer, don't carry any dead wood. Review your analytics and identify your most visited pages and cull any that don't attract visitors.


Keep on top of the technological trends

It's not possible to repond to every whim of the world wide web, nor should you, but do keep your eye out for step changes and swings in behviour or your website will be left in the dust.


Every website has a lifespan, typically 4 years with the current rate of technological change, after which it will be necessary to invest in a new version. Advances in both hardware and software, not to mention broadband speed and browser behaviour besides other factors will render an older site obselete and ready for the graveyard.


Staying Alive!

Be sure to keep the heartbeat of your business pumping by staying close to your digital "shop front", keeping it polished and fresh and be ready and prepared to overhaul and update from time to time, don't let it droop and die!


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