10 tips to improve your email marketing

Email marketing remains a popular and powerful tool for many businesses, but with overflowing inboxes and not enough hours in the day how do you make your email the one that gets opened?


Inca's top ten tips will help you make your email marketing even more effective


1. Get Personal
Addressing users by their first name in the email title can increase your opening rates by up to 22%

When you write your email, keep it personal & friendly, aiming to build trust and connection, but resist repeating their name too much or you'll sound false!


2. Deliver value

Create a subject line that promises something compelling: An offer, saving or something exlcusive that rewards them for subscribing and reading


3. Make it Snappy

Keep the title short and snappy; Using capitaliasation can also help you get opened. Aim for short content that is highly visual, and make sure you clearly deliver what you promised in the title.


4. Use Language that persuades

Use the word 'You'; it's is one of the most persuasive words in the English language.


5. Ask Questions

Posing a question can help to engage your readers and encourage more interaction.


6. Test and Learn

Try testing a couple of different headlines. Split your database, create a couple of different subject titles, then measure which gets the highest opening rates. Does a personalise email title work? Or is an offer or call to action more effective? Set your objectives carefully and let your customer base help you figure out what works best.


7. Learn from the best

Which brand emails do you look forward to? Take a few minutes to scan through and figure out what you think they are doing right, then see how you can apply those techniques.


8. Mobile friendly

Around 65% of emails are opened first on mobile devices - make sure yours looks good on all platforms.


9. Add Multiple links

Insert multiple links within the email to increase the liklihood of clicking.


10. Colour works!

Strong colour attract attention so use them on your click through buttons.


We hope these tips will give you some inspiration for your next email campaign. The Inca team have plenty more ideas and the design expertise that can really help enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing.


Take a look through at some of our work here, or why not give us a call on 020 8398 4663 and see how we can improve your results?

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