Run your Powerpoint presentations from your iPad!

If, like me, you've been frustrated by incompatibilities and the hassle of running presentations on your iPad, I'm sure you'll welcome the news that finally Microsoft have launched MS Office Apps for iPad.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint are available now available as Apps for iPad, and we at Inca have been road-testing the Powerpoint App.


Here's what we discovered:

First thing to know is that all the Apps need iOS 7 to run, so if your using an original iPad that can't be upgraded to iOS 7 you won't be able to use these Apps unfortunately. (Maybe a good excuse to get an iPad Air?)


The Apps are free to download and are fully featured, with many of the tools you can find on the desktop versions, but to create, edit and save your content you will need a subscription to MS Office 365.If you don’t have that then you'll be limited in what you can do:In Powerpoint you'll be able to run a slideshow, in Word and Excel you'll be able to read documents.


For me, the critical question is: can I now run my exsiting presentations on my iPad or do I need to tweak them? So far, the answer is yes! You can open presentations from your email or OneDrive, and if you have Office 365 from Sharepoint or create from scratch.


Slide content looks balanced and consistent with a PC or Mac experience, the animations and slide transitions are all present and correct. Plus you can view speaker notes, present in full screen and use the touch screen laser pointer. With the help of a digital VA Adapter or a VGA Adpater you can also project via a TV or projector and control it from your iPad.


The free version is all you need to deliver your presention, why not download it and try for yourself?


At Inca we understand the power of the written word and we're experts at making your content look professional and compelling - on your laptop and now on your iPad too.


So if you need some help polishing up a key presentation, or want to create a killer sales pitch we'd love to help. Check out some of our work here Powerpoint Presentations or give us a call on 020 8398 4663

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