The rise of the Infographic

Information graphics, better known as infographics are on the rise, they are popping up everywhere, and cover all kinds of topics from the scientific to the ridiculous...

... and for good reason it is a very useful and effective tool for breaking down complex data or large amounts of information in to bite sized chunks which can be easily digested.


For effective infographics you need to follow the three golden rules:


1. The information needs to be interesting, no amount of clever graphics is going to make very dull, pointless data interesting.

2. There needs to be a clear overall message.

3. Decide what the objective is - is it to get people to like your facebook page? Or sign up to your newsletter or raise awareness of a new product or service?

At Inca we get quite fired up when we are commisioned to create an infographic for a client as they offer a unique challenge, very different from other forms of graphic design. When we approach an infographic we aim to create a strong visual impact that precisely displays the information in way that is rational, fun and interesting, it is also important that all the elements are united in an overall visual style and not separate elements on a page.


infographic design


We created this infographic about The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc for Profeet. The purpose of the infographic and the competition which ran alongside was to increase Profeet’s social media following and it featured on their website and across their social media successfully attracting a wide audience and interaction.


If you’d like an infographic call 020 8398 4663 or complete the contact form for a no-obligation consultation/quotation.

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