Have you seen the BBC Winter Olympics trailer?

With the Olympics opening tomorrow we will probably be seeing more of the BBC official trailer on our screens.

click here to view the trailer


Created by London advertising agency RKCR who say, “The campaign forms part of a larger integrated campaign including TV trails, title sequence for editorial, radio and social media and publicity pictures.”

We at Inca haven't been aware of it too much so far but I’m sure the advertising will move up a gear after tomorrow’s opening.

At first viewing you might think it’s a trailer for a big budget movie like Lord of the Rings. It is very dark with an epic CGI backdrop of intrepid-looking mountains with the chilling voice of Charles Dance, (if you think his voice sounds familiar you probably know him as playing the evil Game of Thrones character Tywin Lannister).


The concept is based on the simple idea of human endeavour conquering nature and it puts this across very well, however we don’t think it puts across any of the fun, athletic skill and competitive spirit of the Olympics - in fact it makes the whole thing look a bit grim and serious!! As snowsport devotees, we at Inca think we would have done it differently. What do you think?

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