Microsites - small but mighty

Shine an individual spotlight on your products or services

A microsite is a small standalone website that is either a single page or cluster of pages linked to the parent site or has a separate domain name.


Microsites can be used very effectively to highlight and enhance sub-brands under a master brand umbrella by giving focus to the individual item, service or product and creating a brand story around that entity.


A business with a wide range of products and services can leverage microsites to deliver specific items/services to the right audience.



  • Strengthen the sub-brand recognition
  • Shine a spotlight on a hero product
  • Develop the sub-brand and test/track response separately to your main business
  • Communicate with a more targeted audience
  • Deliver the end-user to specific, relevant, detailed information and a call to action
  • Appeal to a new and different audience
  • Improve search engine optimisation and search visibility
  • Improve the search engine ‘footprint’ of your entire business


By using elements from the main brand styling, microsites can remain visually part of the big picture whilst giving attention to the sub-brand. Or create a separate styling to disengage a new product with the main business if you are trying to appeal to a new audience or extend your customer profile.



A microsite is a flexible and controllable extension of your business. It allows you to experiment with one aspect of your portfolio or services in a focused and trackable way.

They are ideal also for new product launches or marketing campaigns where the user is taken to a specific ‘experience’.

If you’d like to learn more about how micro sites can benefit your business call 020 8398 4663 or complete the contact form for a no-obligation consultation/quotation.

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