In 1979 Dance2 was born starting life as a mobile disco run by a music expert, with a desire to have others experience his enviable vinyl collection. Vinyl is now well and truly back in vogue and is closer to the mainstream that it’s been in decades!

It was back in 2007 that the seeds were sown for a product called Fitbit. Now ten years later they have a wide range of cutting-edge products, all with the aim of motivating their users to reach health and fitness goals.

So, what is it that makes for a good website design? One where your visitors enjoy the experience, want to stay for longer and come back sooner? And of course, one that drives purchase as well as word-of-mouth. We’d like to share our top 10 principles that need to be carefully considered...

At the last count there are 55,000 museums world-wide - the Louvre topping the poll as no.1 most visited, with more than 9m visitors every year.

The ski season is well and truly underway which means lots of fun, as well as quite a few aching and sore feet!

At Inca we’re huge museum fans and are lucky enough to be involved in many museum interpretations in the UK and further afield.

As design specialists in the healthcare sector we work with lots of organisations to create awareness of the services and treatments they offer.

Here at Inca we like to keep up to date with the latest creative trends so it can inform our designs. The following web trends have been key considerations in our web design this year:

As a hi-tech producer, Fitbit know that to stay in the market they need to keep innovating - and retain the loyalty of their existing customer base.

There is always a lovely festive summery vibe to my annual pilgrimage to the RA Summer Exhibition but this year this was amplified…

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